Representation of an illuminance level. Returns objects created by amounts.

const { illuminance } = require('abstract-things/values');

// With no unit - lux are the default unit
const v = illuminance(200);
console.log(v.fc); // convert to foot-candle
console.log(v.lux); // convert to lux

// With a unit
console.log(illuminance(5, 'lx'));

// String (with our without unit)
console.log(illuminance('200 lx'));


Unit SI Names
Lux Yes lx, lux
Phot No ph, phot
Nox No nx, nox
Foot-candle No fc, lm/ft², ft-c, foot-candle, foot-candles, foot candle, foot candles

String conversion

Strings are parsed the same as for numbers with the addition of units being parsed. The default unit is lux.

Examples: 200, 200 lx, 5 fc, 5 phot