Representation of a volume. Returns objects created by amounts.

const { volume } = require('abstract-things/values');

// With no unit - litres is the default unit
const v = volume(20);
console.log(v.gallon); // convert to gallons
console.log(v.L); // convert to litres
console.log(v.ml); // convert to millilitres

// With a unit
console.log(volume(50, 'cl'));

// String (with our without unit)
console.log(voltage('220 ml'));


Unit SI Names
Liter Yes l, L, liter, litre, litre, litres
Gallon No gal, gallon, gallons
Quart No qt, quart, quarts
Pint No pt, pint, pints
Cup No cu, cup, cups
Fluid ounce No floz, oz, fluid ounce, ounce, fluid ounces, ounces
Tablespoon No tb, tbsp, tbs, tablesppon, tablespoons
Teaspoon No tsp, teaspoon, teaspoons

String conversion

Strings are parsed the same as for numbers with the addition of units being parsed. The default unit is litres.

Examples: 1, 1 l, 100 cl, 5 tbps