Representation of pressure. Returns objects created by amounts.

const { pressure } = require('abstract-things/values');

// With no unit - pascal is the default unit
const v = pressure(101325);
console.log(v.atm); // convert to atmospheres

// With a unit
console.log(pressure(1, 'atm'));

// String (with our without unit)
console.log(pressure('2000 hPa'));


Unit SI Names
Pascal Yes pa, Pa, pascal, pascals
Atmosphere No atm, atmosphere, atmospheres
Bar No bar, bars
PSI No psi, pounds per square inch, pound per square inch
Torr No torr
mmHg No mmHg, ‘millimetre of mercury’, millimetres of mercury, millimeter of mercury, millimetres of mercury

String conversion

Strings are parsed the same as for numbers with the addition of units being parsed. The default unit is pascal.

Examples: 200, 200 Pa, 1 atm, 200 hPa, 1013.25 hPa